Dating in the time of pajamas: 8 creative virtual date ideas

Dating doesn’t stop even in the time of coronavirus, but all you need to “hang out” is the code for the Wifi with these creative virtual date ideas. 

Let’s be real, the entire dating scene has done a complete 180 in the time of coronavirus. Stay-at-home orders are being lifted in some areas, but people are still wary of going out. The world is changing on a daily basis, and because of that, most of us aren’t double booking a night of dinner and drinks anytime soon. 

BUT that doesn’t mean we’re just going to sit at home. Well, it does mean we are going to sit at home, but we can still have fun (and even date!) in the process. Below are 8 virtual date ideas that we promise will be less awkward than straight-up FaceTiming a guy from Bumble you’ve been texting for two nights. 

Virtual date #1: Let a goat be your third wheel 

No, we’re not talking about the Greatest-Of-All-Time, Beyonce. Instead, we’re talking adorable, four-legged creatures with hooves. With a $65 donation to Goat-2-Meeting, The Sweet Animal Farm Ambassadors will walk you around an animal sanctuary and introduce you to all of their furbabies. 

The donation covers a meet for six people, so you can even make it a group “outing.” TBH, Queen Bey would probably approve. 

Virtual date #2: Get old school for game night 

What used to stand as a typical game night (*ahem* at those blissful evenings spent gathered around a dusty board of Settlers of Catan) has now evolved into a virtual game night – an experience of shared screens and no need to even wear pants. 

From Nintendo Switch or Xbox Live games to virtual trivia, there are tons of playful ways to have a date. Take Tabletopia for instance. With over 1000 old-school games to choose from, you and your date can see if your competitive streaks are as compatible as your chemistry. 

Did we mention it’s free? 

Virtual date #3: The foodie challenge 

A new challenge that isn’t on TikTok? We’re dubbing this the “Edible Surprise” Challenge. Here’s how it works: Using Postmates, send your date food from your favorite local spot. Your date will do the same. Then, get on FaceTime and watch each other eat. 

When things get quiet, you can always fall back on small talk about the place you ordered from and why it’s your favorite. Better yet, supporting local (and minority) owned businesses with this challenge will be a win-win for all. 

Virtual date #4: Binge-watch together 

The couple that streams together, stays together. That’s how the saying goes, right? You can do it like they do in your favorite romantic comedies, or you can just download Netflixparty to watch your favorite films together (virtually). Pro-tip: step-up your viewing party with show- or film-themed pairings. Stranger Things Eggo sandwiches, anyone? 

Virtual date #5: Travel the world together  

Traveling with someone you’re interested in or in a relationship with is a powerful way to put the bonds of your chemistry to the test. Sure, flights are off the table, but The British Museum has an in-depth virtual tour of world history, art, and culture. 

It’s like all of the good parts of traveling as a couple, but without the added risk of the trip going south with a bad bout of food poisoning. All you have to agree on is what era piques your interest. 

Virtual date #6: Go on a wine tasting 

In quarantine, it’s wine o’clock every day. And now, you can invite your date to join in on the drinking fun. Certified sommelier Michael Bottigliero will lead you through a virtual wine tasting for $150.

This one is a little pricey, as it doesn’t include the wine, but Michael will reach out in advance to coordinate what wines you should both order and where to get them. If you’re looking for a virtual date idea that’ll encourage you to dress up a little, this is your best bet. 

Virtual date #7: Have some laughs 

Laughing is DEF a form of therapy in the age of quarantine. To that end, bring your date along on a virtual improv class, with the The Outcasters. You can find online classes for $10 per person, great for a “friend” (or virtual lover). Here’s to all of the inside jokes you’ll have before even meeting in real life. 

Virtual date #8: Listen to your hearts

Nothing says romance like a mixtape. Just ask John Cusack in Say Anything. So, to keep the vibe alive even while apart, make each other a “mixtape” on Spotify. Set aside a dedicated time to listen through all of the songs and text each other updates while you lay in bed listening to the moody sounds of a summer fling budding in your ears. 

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