14 reasons we’re not skipping Valentine’s Day this year (no matter how single we are)

As you know, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re riding solo, you may feel inclined to sulk in your baggiest PJs, swiping left and right in hopes of not being the last person in your friend group to snag a partner. 

WE’VE GOT NEWS: Not gonna happen. We’re giving you 14 reasons NOT to skip Valentine’s Day this year. So pour yourself a glass of red (or some bubbly booch) and dive right in. 

1 — It’s no longer 2020.

Honestly, do we even need another reason? If you’ve read this far, you survived 2020 — a year full of changed plans, missed birthdays, and “unprecedented times.” You made it through what was likely the most unpredictable year of your life, and you hung on tight so you didn’t lose yourself in the process. 

What better way to show yourself the massive amount of self-care you deserve than to take this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to love yourself better and harder than ever?

2 —  You’re in the driver’s seat. 

So is Olivia Rodrigo, but I digress. With nobody riding shotgun, the calls are all yours. If you want to sing “drivers license” out of tune at the top of your lungs while cleaning the house in your underwear, who’s to stop you? 

Is that Airbnb with the nice jacuzzi calling your name? A solo trip is in order. Oh, and that trash TV show you’ve been eyeing? Consider it binged. Celebrate V-day by eating what you want, going where you please, and saying “thank u, next” to anything that doesn’t bring you joy. 

3 — It’s an excuse to reach your peak.

Speaking of things that bring you joy… orgasms, anyone? Just because you’ve got the bed to yourself doesn’t mean you have to sleep. Sext someone new. Check out our fav vibrators of the year. Learn how to give yourself a full-body orgasm

On your period? No biggie. Flex Disc™ will keep you clean while you get the blood pumping. We even made wipes for your bedside table if things get a little out of control. 

4 — Happy couples do not own Valentine’s Day. 

Just because you’re not in an Insta-official relationship doesn’t mean this day is not for you. Your worth is not determined by who is standing by your side. Periodt. Experience the shift in energy when you claim the space you deserve. 

Need inspo? Next time you order yourself enough Chinese food for a small family, consider saying “just one please” when five forks are handed over. You’ll feel the cosmos working in your favor almost immediately. 

5 — The doorbell will be ringing. 

We all know the best gifts are the ones we give ourselves (including that O you just snuck in). Treat yourself to something nice this V-day. 

Things on our list:

6 — You deserve the appreciation. 

By definition, a valentine is “a card sent, often anonymously, on St. Valentine’s Day (February 14) to a person one loves or is attracted to.”

Whether you receive attention from a special someone or not, February 14th is a chance to remind yourself how loved you are. We love futureme.org. You can write a letter to your future self and have something sweet to look forward to when next Valentine’s Day rolls around. If you’d rather show your love through movement, Dance Church has your name written all over it. 

7 — Your friends want to hear from you. 

You know who else deserves a little extra love? Your besties. Send them a quick text — or better yet, call them! — and let them know how much they mean to you. If you’re at a loss for words, copy and paste any of these pre-written texts to show your appreciation, and jazz it up with a few inside jokes to really pack a punch.

8 —  Time to veg out on the couch sans judgment. 

If you’re spending V-day solo, there’s nobody to pass judgment on you for bingeing 14 hours of Are You the One? as you slide deeper and deeper into your couch until you are fully horizontal, swimming amongst the crumbs from your $50 DoorDash delivery. That, alone, sounds like a win to me.

9 — It’s an opportunity to make someone else’s day.

You know what they say: If ever you are feeling down, a simple act of kindness can turn it around. Instead of focusing on yourself this V-day, consider making someone else’s day. 

Start by shopping small (support your local Etsy shop owners), donating some cash (these kids need your help), or even volunteering your time (Meals on Wheels desperately needs drivers). We can almost guarantee you’ll be feeling the Valentine’s Day warm and fuzzies afterward.

10 — Fight the Sunday Scaries. 

This year, V-day lands on a Sunday, which effectively means the scaries are canceled. Say goodbye to crippling anxiety and an everlasting sense of doom as you dedicate this Valentine’s Day to self-compassion and setting your week up for success.

Our recipe for turning V-Day into V-Week:

  • Let the self-love cup runneth over. Try lightening your Monday morning schedule, planning a call with a loved one, or signing up for a workout class that makes you feel strong AF.
  • When you order your feast of a dinner, make the most of those delivery fees by getting enough to last you three days. It’s a win-win: You get out of Sunday night meal-prepping, and you have something to look forward to as the days go on. 
  • Lastly, if the scaries keep getting you down week after week, consider reaching out to a therapist. BetterHelp and Talkspace are great places to start.

11 — Give your surroundings a glow-up.

Focusing on internal self-care is super important, but don’t sleep on the importance of good vibes. Blast your favorite songs. Reorganize your office space. Put fresh sheets on your bed and some flowers on your table. Light a few candles. Open the windows. Dance in your underwear and remember life is simply too short to take it seriously all the time. 

12 — Your dog still loves you.

Even if you weren’t doing Valentine’s Day solo this year, nobody could ever possibly give you as much love and affection as your pup (or cat, or other domesticated creature of choice). 

If you’re aching to feel wanted this Sunday, just step out the house every 30 minutes and come back to a wagging tail that wants nothing more than to love on you every second of every day. Then, try and tell me dogs aren’t the best Valentines ever.

13 — There’s always TikTok.

If you’re not quite convinced to put your party pants on this Sunday, there’s always TikTok. Spending 24 hours scrolling and loling is absolutely not out of the question and, honestly, we encourage it. If you have yet to jump on the TikTok bandwagon, this will help you settle in

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll definitely want to check out comedy TikTok, cat TikTok, skincare TikTok, and recipe TikTok.

14 — Lastly, and most importantly, you can get all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Hear me out. You know when you really want to cancel plans with someone for no other reason than you don’t feel like leaving the house, but you feel bad because you canceled last time. So you don’t, and then at the very last minute, THEY cancel on you and you feel 30 pounds immediately lifted off your shoulders? 

A solo Valentine’s Day is quintessentially THAT moment. Enjoy the F out of it. 

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