Longer pubic hair could lead to better sex


“We slipped and slid with zero bad friction or weirdness other than the aesthetic change, which neither of us really noticed during the act of having sex.”

Why shaving your crotch could be detrimental to your sex life

Pubes. The word conjures up imagery of wiry, rascally little hairs, arrogant in their errant ways. A person could understand why so many people see them as something to tame, but science provides a pretty sexy reason for why you should let your pubic hair grow wild and free. 

When you’re participating in activities which involve rubbing your genitals against someone else’s, a smooth, hair-free vagina could seem like a good look in that vulnerable moment, however you could be running the risk of getting a friction burn on your labia if you’re not careful, and at the least you could be missing out on some awesome sex.

According to basically all medical professionals, pubic hair exists to help create a nice, slick stage for your sexual bumping and grinding, with your short and curlies acting as a fuzzy slip n’ slide for your partner’s crotch region, helping to spread lubrication and provide just the right combination of grip and give when you’re working towards orgasm.1 2

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Pubic hair is also great for making sure that bacteria and other things from the outside world don’t end up in your inside world. Kinda like the eyelashes of your vagina.

Now, here at Flex®, we are nothing if not dedicated and thorough. Using the aforementioned scientific method, my husband and I embarked on a two-stage experiment to test out whether or not full bushes make for better sex

First, we let our pubic hair grow out. I mean, we really let it grow out. Our crotches looked like they time-traveled from ‘73. My husband’s penis looked like it should have had sideburns. Tom Hanks’ beard in Castaway wishes it could be as luxurious as our bushes were. I mean, it was hip to hip, nuts to taint action. 

So, how was the sex with all that hair? Fantastic. We slipped and slid with zero bad friction or weirdness other than the aesthetic change, which neither of us really noticed during the act of having sex. The pubic hair was nothing but a benefit, even during foreplay. In fact, there was something sweet about embracing our natural bodies together and diving into our respective muffs with love and acceptance.

Next, in the interest of science, we shaved it all off. We were naked as horny little jaybirds with not a single hair in sight down there. While I admit it was refreshing, and I do enjoy the feeling of a smooth pubis, having sex with no hair on our crotches was definitely not as nice as when we were rocking full bush. 

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The friction was unpleasant to say the least, and even with extra lubrication added to the mix there were still a few regrettable incidents with labia sticking to crotch skin, and we needed to readjust ourselves way more often to avoid awkward entanglements. 

My verdict is, the more pubic hair, the better. There are nothing but benefits to keeping a little fluff on your crotch where it naturally grows, and I plan on letting my bits wear their furry cooch overcoat year round from now on. 

Would you let your pubic hair grow out long and strong, or is a smooth crotch too important to pass up? Let us know in the IG comments.

This article is informational only and is not offered as medical advice, nor does it substitute for a consultation with your physician. If you have any gynecological/medical concerns or conditions, please consult your physician. 

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