How to have mind-blowing sex all month long


  • Sex positions can feel different depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle.
  • There are several distinct bodily changes that occur during the menstrual cycle that may affect how a sex position feels.
  • Want to have sex during your period? An orgasm can actually help to relieve cramps, but period sex is all about how comfortable you feel inside and out. 
  • Experiment with the same positions at varying points in your cycle. You may find it feels different depending on where your body is at. 

Recapping the phases of your cycle


You can actually enjoy sex all month long. You can do so by trying different sex positions and foreplay styles for each specific phase of your cycle.

There are three phases of your menstrual cycle:

  1. Follicular phase: This includes menstruation and lasts until ovulation.
  2. Ovulation: This occurs when your ovary releases a mature egg through the fallopian tube.
  3. Luteal phase: After ovulation, your body either prepares for pregnancy or doesn’t, if the egg was not fertilized.

Through each phase, there are three main bodily changes that may influence how you experience pleasure: 

  1. Cervical position (yes, your cervix changes throughout your cycle).
  2. Natural lubrication levels (cervical mucus plus arousal fluid).
  3. Emotional and/or mental health as well as libido fluctuations caused by your hormones.
cervix position during period sex
The typical position of the cervix during the fertile window vs. other phases of the menstrual cycle.

IIf you aren’t currently tracking your menstrual cycle, no worries. To get started tracking, check out this article: How to track your period & what it can reveal about your health.

Sex during menstruation & the follicular phase

Is period sex even safe? The answer is yes. You can have (really enjoyable) sex while on your period. We spoke with OB-GYN Dr. Heather Bartos who explained that orgasms can even help relieve menstrual cramps – huge win. 

Here are some bodily changes to expect during this phase: 

  • Cervical position: Lower, firmer, very slightly open.
  • Natural lubrication: More fluids to play with thanks to your period blood! After your period, for the rest of the follicular phase, your cervical fluid will gradually increase leading to ovulation.  
  • Libido & mental health: Extra slippery fluids can turn people on, others might prefer to be left alone. Once your period ends, estrogen levels begin to pick up. This may boost your mood and make you more inclined to social interaction. 1
Mess free period sex with Flex

The best sex positions for your period

Masturbate, solo or with a partner. Sometimes penetration is just too much sensation during your period. So get out your vibrator and play around with whichever pulses and speeds feel best.

Spooning. Certified sex coach Myisha Battle recommends this low-impact position for period sex. You can stay in a cozy, almost-fetal position, giving you more control over the depth and angle of penetration.

spooning position for period sex
Spooning Position

Cowgirl. If you are someone who gets turned on by period sex, Battle recommends you get on top. This allows you to channel that energy while also maintaining some control over speed and depth of penetration.

Play around, tilting your hips at different angles. You can also try this position without penetration. 

cowgirl position for period sex
Cowgirl Position

Octopus. In this position, both partners sit. Have your partner wrap their hands and legs around you from behind.

Additionally, your partner can give you a cozy snuggle and a little manual stimulation at the same time.

Period sex tips

Worried about stains? Pop in a Flex Disc™ for awesome, mess-free period sex (oral sex and manual stimulation included). A menstrual disc might even facilitate cervical orgasms.

Remember that menstrual discs can’t get “lost” inside you during sex, or at any time. Flex is held comfortably in place within your vaginal fornix and can’t go past your cervix.

A little extra sensitive while having period sex? Try keeping your hands on your partner’s waist or wrist. This way you can offer a physical cue if penetration feels too intense.

Remember: Your cervix is a bit lower during menstruation and the follicular phase. For some, cervical pressure feels amazing, but for others, it can be slightly uncomfortable. 

Sex during ovulation (your fertile window!)

Your most fertile times are the days leading up to and around ovulation, A.K.A. your Fertile Window. 

Here are some bodily changes to expect during ovulation and the days leading up to it: 

  • Cervical position: Cervix is higher up in the body, softer, more open. 
  • Natural lubrication: You have increased cervical fluid during this phase, which means extra lube au naturale. This cervical fluid typically looks like egg whites.
  • Libido & mental health: Libido, creativity, and energy levels tend to be higher in this phase.

Your basal body temperature increases just after ovulation. So, if you’re trying to conceive, using a basal thermometer can help you identify your most fertile days.

The best sex positions to try during ovulation

Doggy style. Doggy style: Sex coach Myisha Battle shares that, this is a fantastic time to try deeper penetrative positions. Doggy Style is a fun sex position to work with because you can do it in so many ways!

Try it on all fours, against or on the edge of the bed, standing up. You can even try different variations of Doggy Style such as Frog Leap. In this position, the person being penetrated squats instead of rests on their knees.

Another variation is Turtle, when the person being penetrated stays resting on their knees, but wraps their arms around their thighs.

doggy style position for period sex
Doggy Position

Reverse cowgirl.  If you are looking to stimulate your G-spot, try this!

Similarly to Cowgirl, you are on top, but you face away from your partner, and lean forward a bit. For those who are on the shyer side, this gives some privacy to unabashedly feel all the feels.   

reverse cowgirl position for period sex
Reverse Cowgirl Position

Pretzel dip: This position allows for deep penetration while still getting to lock eyes with your lover. You lie on your side, while the penetrating partner scissors you.

Both of your hands are free, so you can also give and receive pleasure at other sites like the clitoris, nipples, testicles, etc. 

If you ARE trying to conceive… BONUS POSITION: 

Legs on shoulders: A twist on missionary, but even better for those who are trying to get pregnant. This position also offers great g-spot stimulation.

Lay on your back and throw your legs over your partner’s shoulders, tilting your pelvis upwards.

This position allows for deeper penetration, making it easier for sperm to get through the cervix and reach their target. When trying to conceive, gravity can help. Stay lying down for at least 15 minutes after your partner finishes. This helps prevent the semen from exiting your body right away. 

Fertile window sex tips

Your creativity levels are at their peak during ovulation. You’ll be extra horny, probably a little more energetic. You will also be totally clear-headed to plan that perfect date night. 

Not looking to get pregnant but engaging in penetrative sex with a person who has a penis? Use protection.

You have a higher chance of getting pregnant on the day of ovulation and the five days leading up to it. However, keep in mind that depending on your cycle length, you can technically get pregnant during ANY phase of your cycle.

Sex during the luteal phase

These are the days post-ovulation, leading up to your period. In this phase, estrogen levels drop and progesterone takes over. You might feel a little less productive, a little more irritable,2 or experience PMS symptoms.

Here are some other bodily changes to expect: 

  • Cervical position: The cervix moves back down to its pre-fertile window position, a little lower and firmer. 
  • Natural lubrication: You tend to be the driest during this phase, thanks to a bump in progesterone levels.
  • Libido & mental health: Different for everyone. For some, post-ovulation progesterone levels can create calming vibes. For others, it might include physical and emotional PMS symptoms that make intimacy particularly unappealing.3

The best sex positions for the luteal phase

Erotic massage. While you might experience vaginal dryness during this time, the Skene’s and Bartholin’s glands can still produce arousal fluid when you’re aroused.

These glands are located near the urethra and the bottom or back of the vaginal opening, respectively. So, lube up, and have your partner gently stroke different parts of your vulva, or try some clitoral stimulation.

If you get the luteal sleepy vibes, these positions allow for your partner to do most of the work.

Tired doggy. In this position, you lie on your stomach (yes!) stacking pillows under your pelvis so that your butt tilts up some. Your partner enters you from behind.

While you have less control in this position (cervical bumping beware!), at least you don’t have to move so much. And, for some, cervical bumping actually feels good.  

tired doggy position during period sex
Tired Doggy Position

Classic missionary. In missionary, you get to lay back (you actually lay flat on your back), relax and enjoy the show. Your partner kneels in between your legs and handles all the thrusting.

For an added twist, put a pillow or two underneath your hips to adjust the angle of penetration. For some, this feels incredible.

missionary sex position for period sex
Missionary Position

Lotus position. Where one partner sits cross-legged, and the other sits on their lap, wrapping their legs around them. Then start rocking back and forth. Another great option that involves lots of face to face, cozy intimacy.

lotus sex position for period sex
Lotus Position

Luteal phase sex tips

Use lube to help conquer the dry spell. Alternatively, play with your saliva (or your partner’s). Try licking and/or sucking your or your partner’s finger before stimulating your vulva. Don’t forget about oral if you aren’t in the mood for penetration. 

Other things to consider for really good sex

If you have a tilted (a.k.a. retroverted) uterus: Just as all vulvas are different, some people have a uterus that tilts in a different direction than the “norm.” When the uterus is tilted towards the back, i.e. retroverted, deep thrusting and penetration can cause discomfort in more “traditional” positions.

If this is you, try out positions like doggy style and reverse cowgirl. These positions work with your uterus’s tilt rather than against it. Experiment until you find what feels good.   

Pee before play: Dr. Bartos shares that a full bladder can change the position of the cervix. So, you may want to empty out.   

Pee after play: Peeing after sex helps to flush bacteria from the area. This decreases your chances of contracting a UTI and/or other vaginal infections. 

If your partner also has a menstrual cycle: Remember that you may be in different cycle phases, so make sure you check in with one another.

If you are on hormonal birth control: Because hormonal birth control alters your hormones, what is outlined above may not fit with your experience. Some forms of hormonal birth control stop ovulation altogether, and most alter cervical fluid secretions.4 Contraceptives may also decrease overall libido.5 Always check in with your body – and your doctor – and remember that you have options!

Now that you know how to hack your cycle for amazing sex, go ahead, get naked. You can thank us later.

This article is informational only. It is not offered as medical advice, nor does it substitute for a consultation with your physician. If you have any gynecological/medical concerns or conditions, please consult your physician.

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