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Does this post really need an introduction? Probably not – let’s be real, you’re just gonna scroll down, find your perfect toy, and hit that link. Does this post benefit us in any way? Also, probably not. But we’re only here for you, reader, and after all that 2020 put you through, we think it’s about time you treat yourself to something guaranteed to boost your mood, reduce stress, and make you glow. 

Bachelor fans? We think Katie T. had the right idea making her entrance on Matt James’ season with the sparkly purple number she surprised him with. We’re especially glad that she didn’t actually “pass the torch.” Hanging onto it was a major power move – and a great way to deal with the inevitable group date-induced stress.

Bachelor contestant Katie Thurston introduces herself to Matt James.

Reality TV drama aside, we’re strongly in favor of orgasm-seeking all month long, even during your period. Want to get off without the blood-stained sheets? Pop in a Flex Disc™ beforehand and enjoy penetration as usual.

A quick note about price: A lot of our recommendations are in the $80 – $140 range. This is because we’ve found that, with most vibrators, spending a little more ensures much better quality, power, durability, and reliable fun in the long run. There are definitely a few exceptions to that rule, though! If you’re on a budget, scroll down to see our two favorite vibrators under $40. 

We’ll bet you twenty bucks that just window shopping some of these toys will make you horny. Here’s a tip: While you wait for your new BFF to arrive, pass the time by getting a little more familiar with your vag, fingers-only. It’ll help you have even better, full-body orgasms with your toy (or toy collection – the more, the merrier!). 

Note: All products on this list were independently selected by Fornix team members. This is not a sponsored post. Flex® does not receive any share of sales or compensation from the links on this page. Prices listed here are subject to change at each retailer’s discretion but are accurate as of the time of publication.

The Best Vibrators of 2021

Best all-around vibrator

best vibrator 2021 magic wand rechargeable


It’s famous for a reason: It works, like, every damn time. It’s sturdy. It lasts forever. You can charge it and use it without the cord for hours – or use it while plugged in (great for those of us who always forget to charge). It has four levels of intensity, four vibration patterns, and it also works great on sore necks and shoulders when you need to give your clit a break. 

  • Price: Get it for $139.95 on Babeland
  • Material: Silicone / ABS
  • Our Loudness Rating: 9 out of 10

Best vibrator to use with your partner

best vibrators for couples dame eva


If you want to take sex with your partner up a level (penetrative or otherwise), look no further. The Dame Eva II is our pick for best vibrators for couples: It’s an ingenious little creature that hangs out on your clit totally hands-free so you can focus on more important things – like switching positions, feeling up your partner, 34+35-ing, or pretty much whatever you want. 

Eva takes a lot of the awkwardness out of using a vibrator during partnered sex. No more awkward reaching or maneuvering; Eva’s flexible wings tuck neatly into your labia, holding it (and its small-but-mighty 3-speed motor) in place. 

  • Price: Get it for $135 
  • Material: Medical grade silicone
  • Our Loudness Rating: 6 out of 10

Best toy that mimics oral sex

best vibrators for suction womanizer starlet


This one isn’t technically a vibrator, but it’s just as effective at getting you off – especially for folx with vulvas who thrive during oral (think clitoral suction, in particular). A little bit smaller and less expensive than the original Womanizer, the Starlet uses patented “PleasureAir Technology” to stimulate your clit without actually touching it. 

Gentle waves of pressure create an incredible sucking sensation that’s amazing during foreplay – or as your main event. The Starlet offers four levels of non-numbing intensity, splashproof materials, and 30-minutes of run-time per charge. It’s also one of the quietest options on this list. 

  • Price: Get it for $79.99 on Lovehoney
  • Material: Hard plastic with soft silicone rim
  • Our Loudness Rating: 2 out of 10

Best ultra-quiet vibrator

best quiet vibrators we vibe tango


This little bullet vibrator packs a ton of amazing, rumbly power into a super sleek 3.5” shape – and it’s truly “whisper quiet,” unlike many other models that (falsely) make that claim. It’s perfect for those of us suffering from thin-walled, roommate- or parent-shared apartments. The angled tip offers precise clitoral stimulation and it’s easy to toss in your bag for your next adult sleepover, road trip, or vacation. 

  • Price: Get it for $79.00
  • Material: Body-safe PC ABS thermoplastic
  • Our Loudness Rating: 2 out of 10

Best app controlled vibrator

best vibrators for long distance lovense lush


Long distance relationships: You’ve just found your phone sex savior. This surprisingly powerful little egg is worn inside your vagina – and your partner, from any country, any distance, literally anywhere in the world, can control exactly what it does (or vice versa). 

The remote “operator” just needs to download an app, through which they can control the egg’s many vibration patterns and intensities. You can even sync those vibes to music, so queue up your sex playlist, lay back, and enjoy. The Lovense Lush is not only one of the best vibrators for long-distance, but one of the most technologically advanced on this list.

  • Price: Get it for $139.99 on Lovehoney
  • Material: Silicone 
  • Our Loudness Rating: 4 out of 10 (when worn internally)

Best vibrator for people with a prostate

best prostate vibrator we vibe vector


Similar to the Lovense Lush, above, the We-Vibe Vector Anal Plug is an app-controlled vibrator – but it’s specifically designed for prostate stimulation (that’s not to say it can’t be enjoyed by people with vulvas, though). As one Babeland reviewer wrote, “The Vector is great for beginners and experienced butt spelunkers alike!” We think that sums it up pretty nicely. 

The Vector’s head can be adjusted for comfort and the base delivers orgasm-inducing perineum stimulation at the same time: Double win. 

  • Price: Get it for $139.99 on Babeland
  • Material: Silicone
  • Our Loudness Rating: 4 out of 10

Best luxe vibrator

best luxury vibrator lelo soraya


This vibrator is just as gorgeous to look at as it is effective. Its shape delivers both clitoral and g-spot orgasms (at the same time!) with stunning efficiency. Dual motors – one in each point – deliver deep, rumbly, yet relatively quiet vibrations, making it easy to get warmed up if you’re new to internal stimulation: Just start with the smaller end and gradually work your way up to the larger. 

If you’re able to splurge a little on a new toy, do it here: The sheer number of orgasms the Soraya 2 will give you makes its price tag pretty easy to justify. 

  • Price: Get it for $219
  • Material: Silicone/ABS
  • Our Loudness Rating: 6 out of 10

Best vibrators on a budget

best vibrators on a budget


A toe-curlingly powerful wand vibrator for under $30? Yes please. This one’s likely to become your daily driver and it’s pretty durable for the price. Plus, it’s available in four fun colors, is fully waterproof for ultra-relaxing baths or showers, and is covered in soft, body-safe silicone. Add your favorite water-based lube for an extra dose of pleasure. 

  • Price: Get it for $24.99 on Amazon 
  • Material: Silicone
  • Our Loudness Rating: 7 out of 10

best budget vibrator for couples


This budget pick works great alone or, if your partner has a penis or wears a strap-on, it can be used during penetrative sex – offering both internal and clitoral stimulation at the same damn time. 

One end is narrower and more flexible (designed to be worn internally during sex for dual stimulation); the other end houses a quiet yet fairly powerful motor (designed to rest against your clit). The Phanxy Couple’s Vibrator is fully waterproof, easy to clean, and a great pick for beginners. 

  • Price: Get it for $32.99 on Amazon 
  • Material: Silicone
  • Our Loudness Rating: 5 out of 10

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