Ask an Ob/Gyn: How safe are menstrual discs?

Flex® is safe – and a great alternative to traditional period products

I’m Dr. Jane van Dis, a board-certified OB/GYN with 19 years of experience. I love caring for people with periods and empowering them to learn more about their reproductive system, their anatomy, and their menstrual cycle.

I joined The Flex Co. as a medical advisor because not all period products fit all people’s bodies or lifestyles.

Menstruators deserve choices when choosing a period product, and Flex offers them more flexibility when it comes to being on their period and exercising, traveling, or having sex with their partner

What’s wrong with tampons or pads?

Many menstruators experience discomfort during their periods, and I believe that menstrual products are partially to blame. When we wear a tampon or pad, we’re constantly reminded that we’re undergoing a really uncomfortable experience.

What else?

  • Tampons (including organic tampons) can be very irritating, causing vaginal inflammation or an imbalance in your vaginal pH, which can lead to frequent yeast or bacterial infections
  • Because tampons expand as they absorb your period, they put active pressure on your vaginal walls, which can aggravate existing period cramps
  • In addition, tampons often leak and require changing 4-5 times per day
  • Pads create a moist environment that traps odor-causing bacteria; they must also be changed several times per day

What are the benefits of a Flex menstrual disc?

Flex Disc™ is an innovative product called a menstrual disc. It was designed to solve many of the problems caused by traditional menstrual products such as tampons and pads.

Importantly, Flex Disc was designed by people with periods. It works by collecting (rather than absorbing) menstrual fluid.

It’s disposable and worn for up to 12 hours of leak-free period protection. It can also be worn during intercourse for mess-free period sex™ (but keep in mind that Flex is not a contraceptive and will not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases).

What does using Flex Disc feel like?

Many users find that Flex Disc’s soft, flexible design helps prevent period cramps that are caused by tampons. Not to mention, Flex Disc sits at the top of the vagina, in the vaginal fornix—the widest part of the vagina where there are fewer nerve endings. Because of this unique placement, most users do not feel the disc when it’s inserted properly.

Flex Disc holds over three tampons-worth of fluid and should not leak if inserted properly. It is designed to fit anyone with a period and can be worn during all of your normal activities, such as swimming or exercise.

Is Flex Disc FDA-approved?

Flex Disc is an FDA-registered medical device. It’s hypoallergenic and made without BPA, phthalates, or natural rubber latex.

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This article is informational only and is not offered as medical advice, nor does it substitute for a consultation with your physician. If you have any gynecological/medical concerns or conditions, please consult your physician. 

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