10 tips for your first time using Flex Disc


“If you can feel your menstrual disc inside of you, that’s a sign it’s not in all the way.”

Need help using Flex Disc™?

Anyone can learn how to use Flex Disc. But just like using a tampon, doing a proper squat, or roasting a turkey for the first time, learning how to use a menstrual disc takes a little practice. We have some tips to give you the confidence to try it (or, in some cases, try it again).

1. Always wash your hands. And take a deep breath. You’ve got this!

2. Start on a lighter day. Try your first Flex Disc on a lighter flow day, when you have some time to spare. So not when you’re at Coachella, in a 6-hour car ride, or when your flow is already Niagara Falls.

3. It may get a little messy. But not as messy as you might think. The average person only menstruates about 1.5 tsp in 12 hrs. Just make sure to sit and keep your Flex Disc parallel to the floor as you remove it.

4. Wear a liner for backup. You shouldn’t need it once you learn how to place it in a way that works best for your body. But for your first few cycles, it can’t hurt to have a contingency plan while you’re out and about for a little peace of mind.

5. Push it back and down. Your Flex Disc will slide in easily. But as it does, keep it angled down towards your tailbone. Even when you can no longer feel it against your vaginal walls, continue to push the disc as far back as it’ll go (until you hit the end of the vaginal fornix). Lastly, tuck the front rim of the disc up underneath your pubic bone to ensure it fully covers the base of your cervix.

6. Make sure you can’t feel it. If you can feel your menstrual disc inside of you, that’s a sign it’s not in all the way. We know this sounds weird, but when it’s inserted properly, you won’t even notice it’s there.

7. You can always adjust the fit. If your disc doesn’t feel quite right or it seems like it’s leaking, try adjusting while it’s inside you by using a clean finger to push it further down and back towards your tailbone. No dice? Take it out and start over with a fresh disc, experimenting with your body positioning (sometimes, squat to insert = better vibes!).

8. Seeing blood when you pee (or poop) is normal. When you bear down on your pelvic floor muscles, your Flex Disc’s front edge may slide out from behind your pubic bone, letting some fluid out. This is nothing to worry about. Just make sure to use a clean finger to tuck it back into place when you’re done.

9. Pretend to poop. If you have trouble removing your disc, bear down on your pelvic muscles as if taking a poop. The front edge will pop out from behind your pubic bone, so it’s easier to reach.

10. Wait to remove it after sex. Vaginas can expand up to 200% during sex. As you can imagine, this might make your Flex® hard to remove. Give it at least thirty minutes to an hour after period sex so your vagina can return to size.

Bonus: Real advice from real customers on their first time

“When you go to the bathroom, don’t freak out if you see some blood on the toilet paper – it’s totally normal and doesn’t mean it’s in wrong. It goes right back into place when you’re done.” – Erin

“Don’t let it just slip in – that was my biggest mistake! I was putting mine straight in so it was hitting my cervix and causing discomfort. Make sure you point and push it down so it gets at an angle.” – Jette

“I’ll wear it for 12 hours most all days of my period, but on my heaviest day it fills up faster so I’ll empty it out more often. It still lasts way longer than a tampon or pad.” – Carmen

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This article is informational only and is not offered as medical advice, nor does it substitute for a consultation with your physician. If you have any gynecological/medical concerns or conditions, please consult your physician. 

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