How to deal with your period according to your sign

Does your zodiac sign dictate how you cope with cramps, battle PMS, and live your best life during your period? We have the answers.

From finding comfort in the fetal position to sweating the cramps away, different zodiac signs cope with their period in a myriad of ways. No matter your MO (or your sign), know that you deserve self-love, connection, and an array of chocolate every time your period comes knocking at your door.

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Business in the streets, freak in the sheets…that’s your vibe, isn’t it Capricorn? It seems the older you get, the more youthful you become. Somehow, your sex life keeps taking turns for the better, and your work ethic appears to be unstoppable. 

But, when it feels like everything else finally starts going well, your period decides to show up and destroy your momentum. From cramps and cravings to pain in funny places, sometimes it can seem like an uphill battle to get back on track. Your unwavering focus and ability to push through even the toughest of tasks take you incredibly far, but holding yourself together all the time will eventually take its toll.

Use your period as the built-in reminder to give your body and mind all the rest and recuperation you deserve from a month of hard work. 

Some tips to get you started:

  • Sleep in. Sounds simple, but added sleep affects SO many different aspects of your health. Sleep will never be a waste of time.
  • Be honest and set boundaries. People won’t know what you need from them until you literally tell them. Don’t be afraid to speak from your heart. 
  • Give yourself grace. Taking space for yourself can be challenging, especially if it’s not something you’re used to. Forgive yourself for anything that comes up as you delve into the practice of self-care. 

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

aquarius on your period

You care deeply for others, Aquarius, and people pick up on that. You’re a natural leader and your positive habits are ones your peers tend to follow. Like many signs, your cycle brings bouts of highs and lows. The PMS blues can sometimes feel like 100-pound weights dragging you under. But, somehow, you still don’t hesitate to lift up the people around you even when you’re feeling down.  

Community and connection are important to you. Instead of letting your period be a time to isolate and float by, hold on to the things you know you need most.

  • Set up group activities specifically during your period week that are guaranteed to raise your vibes. How about a virtual workout class with your long-distance bestie, or a post-sex-on-Flex brunch to swap stories and laughs about your first mess-free period sex experience? Setting the tone of the week before it even starts is a great way to feel grounded all period long.
  • Have a plan for when you feel yourself pulling back. Is it texting a friend who knows you well? Picking up your favorite book? Stay connected in the moments you know you need it most.
  • Journal and/or talk to your therapist. Some people may think scheduling a therapy call during their period is a nightmare of an idea, but you express your emotions so clearly, your therapist is able to understand you even more deeply when you open up in your most vulnerable moments. 

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

pisces on your period

Obviously, they save the best for last (March 10 bbs, where u at?). Your psychic tendencies come in handy with your period because you can usually see it coming from a mile away. (We won’t tell them it’s actually the tracker you’ve been using for the last decade, but I digress.) 

Because of your highly sensitive nature, Pisces, you often feel swallowed by the intense emotions your hormones bring about. Don’t forget to remind yourself that no matter who disagrees, no matter how much you want to blame it on your cycle, and no matter how hard you try and talk yourself out of them—your feelings are 100% valid. 

While it’s important to remain as gentle with yourself as you are with others when you’re feeling this way, you must remember that your problems will not disappear just because you erase them from your mind. Those things you need to do that are driving you crazy? Just do them. No matter how long your to-do list may seem or how challenging the conversations will be, your mental health will seriously thank you later. 

Your ability to adapt will take you far, Pisces. Be sure to show yourself a healthy balance of rest and resilience, and you’ll quickly transform your period into a time to embrace. 

Aries (March 21–April 19)

aries on your period

Nobody likes to be first as much as you do, Aries. Remember puberty—when your best friend got her period before you did and you cried about it for weeks? As a natural-born leader, you take pride in facing new challenges head-on and using your experiences to help lift up the people around you.

You’ve grown a lot since childhood, but your innate ability to be prepared for anything and everything hasn’t changed a bit. You’re the friend who always has extra Midol on hand, just in case, and you practically invented the period calendar

You’re also the type to never hide a tampon up the sleeve of your shirt (Oh this thing? It’s a TAMPON. I shove it up my VAGINA because I have a PERIOD.) Mother Nature doesn’t embarrass you, and you wish everyone felt that way, too. 

Because of your tendency to rush into things, it’s important to use your period as a reminder to slow down. Instead of your usual HIIT or cycling workouts, opt for yoga and meditation as a chance to inhale the strength you need to prepare yourself for the month ahead. 

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

taurus on your period

Taurus, you’re not afraid of a little hard work, and it definitely pays off. When it comes to your period, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the results you’re looking for. Like when cramps were holding you back, you not only gave Flex Disc™ a try, but you stuck with it because of how much more like yourself you felt.

You are incredibly reliable and, once you find a system that works, you don’t budge. You set an alarm so you can take your birth control at the exact same time every day. You have extra tampons (and, let’s face it, undies—because you just never know!) in your purse, your car, and your desk at all times. And you never fail to catch your period before it arrives. every. single. month.

You love pampering yourself and you treat your period as a time to relax and indulge. What may be seen as bougie and luxurious to others is a fundamental necessity to you. Continue embracing it and setting an example of self-love to others. 

This month, find ways to sneak some comfort into every day of your period. Open Grubhub and swipe right on your guilty pleasure on day one. Pre-book a massage for your heaviest day. Take a hot bath with these lavender and oat bath salts before winding down at night. Whatever you do, use this week as the reset you know you deserve. 

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

gemini on your period

You feel things deeply, Gemini. When you’re PMS-ing, your roommate knows it. The bus driver knows it. Everybody knows it. That’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve. Especially when you have the charm to back it up.

Talking is your love language, and when you’re on your period especially, you need your friends around to hear you out. If you haven’t started a sign-up sheet to keep them on call for any given period-related hysteria, I’m not saying it’s a good idea…but I’m not saying it’s a bad one either. Your quick wit and playful storytelling skills keep your listeners engaged no matter the context. 

(So, yes, if you’ve been thinking about starting a period podcast, consider this your sign and me your first subscriber.)

Next month, Gemini, don’t lose sight of who you really are. You’ve always been playful and affectionate—just because you’re on your period doesn’t mean you can’t have sex (mess-free, at that). Stay curious and imaginative, and your infectious energy will continue being a light for others around you.

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

cancer sign on your period

Are you reading my mind right now, Cancer? Your intuition runs deep, as do your feels. It’s no surprise your period brings along bouts of moodiness, but remember there’s strength in sensitivity. Your ability to feel things so fiercely is a superpower you must learn to love. It’s the reason you’re probably more concerned about raising your friends’ vibes when they’re feeling the PMS blues than you are your own.

On top of your innate capacity to empathize with any and all living beings, you’re also extremely prideful. When it comes to menstruation, this manifests as doing everything in your power to keep your period from holding you back. 

“Cramps? Never heard of them,” she said as she ignored the grueling pain in her abdomen and headed out for another 10-mile run. Don’t forget to give yourself the break you know you need—a mid-week spa day never hurt anybody. 

Speaking of spa day, do yourself a favor and lean into self-care during your next period, Cancer. Having it together all the time is great, but you deserve to show yourself the love you consistently show your pals. 

Try a float tank to reach a level of zen you didn’t even know was possible. Take a day off social media (extra credit for not telling anyone about it). Indulge yourself in whatever ways feel best, and don’t feel bad about it for even one second. 

Leo (July 23–August 22)

leo on your period

I can tell you’re not on your period right now, Leo, because if you were, the whole world would know it. Your inability to keep your mouth shut is both a blessing and a curse. But as long as you’re spilling the tea about your own life and not others’, it can help open the doors for the people around you to do the same. 

Your infectious spirit and intrinsic leadership have always kept you one step ahead of the crowd. You don’t follow trends, you set them. If you’re looking for some new and interesting ways to show off to your friends when it comes to your period, I’ve got you covered. 

  • For the weekends away when your period comes out to play: keep it under wraps. 
  • For the days when you’re saying FML to your PMS: climax those cramps away.
  • For the nights you’ll stop at nothing to give your partner what they want: Mess-free period sex anyone?

You shine bright in the loyalty department, Leo. You want nothing more than to see your friends succeed. But remember, not everyone feels as comfortable in the spotlight as you do. This month, if your pals confide in you about periods, pregnancies, or anything in between, use it as an opportunity to step back and follow their lead. Nobody wants their story told before they have the chance to write it. 

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Your attention to detail is pristine, Virgo. You’re the type who notices every single change in your mind and body, and likely spends the following 20 minutes diagnosing yourself on WebMD. 

It’s important to remember that periods look different on everybody, every month. For many people, irregularity can be regular. Keep noticing the important changes, but give yourself the much-needed rest you deserve from the constant worry and chatter in your head. AKA bring on the CBD.

When it comes to managing your period, you likely have a tried and true system that has been working for you for years (maybe even since puberty?). This is great, but it’s been several decades since then and period products have become a lot safer, comfier, and more sustainable

If you’re a tampon stan, this period cup is the only one in the world that removes as easily as a tampon. If you can’t seem to kick the cramps to the curb, this disc will be your new BFF. Step outside your comfort zone this month, Virgo. It’s bound to pay off. 

Libra (September 23–October 22)

libra on your period

You are a zen master, Libra. Your ability to balance everything in your life so well is a gift many of us would donate an essential organ for. When it comes to your period, you take “work hard, play hard” to a whole new level. From running your cramps away to sleeping through the PMS blues, you listen intently to what your mind, body, and spirit need each day, and you act accordingly. 

It’s true, though, that you’re also known to be indecisive from time to time. But, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Period cravings have you torn between Pad Thai and tacos al pastor? Order both. Catching feels for more than one person at a time? They don’t have to know about each other…yet. Stanning menstrual cups but also curious about discs? There’s plenty of time to explore them both. The beautiful thing about feeling conflicted is that sometimes you just don’t have to pick.

Speaking of beautiful things, your charm is undeniable. People flock to you, and you have many wrapped around your finger. Be careful not to take advantage of anyone, but a little sweet-talking never hurts (especially when it involves late-night chocolate and wine—the period week essentials).

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

scorpio on your period

Scorpio, it’s your world and we’re all just living in it. You have a powerful energy that shifts vibes from the moment you walk into the room. Your intuition has scared you many a time, and it often feels like the universe knows you better than you know yourself. 

You constantly claim to know what someone else is thinking. You always regret the days you didn’t trust your gut. And, without fail, you can sense your period before it arrives each and every time. 

Next month, when the little voice inside your head says “I think it’s almost here,” be prepared with these cramp-reducing yoga poses, this duo to keep you feeling fresh all week long, and this list of binge-worthy must-sees

Oh, and to address the elephant in the room, Scorpio. We all know you’re probably horny just reading these words. You’re the most sensual of the signs, and you seek intimacy in many aspects of your life. You don’t just have sex for fun, but as an emotional and creative outlet. 

The good news is, you don’t have to stop just because mother nature decided to make a pit stop in your pants. Flex Disc is the period-sex bestie you’ve been waiting for, and these are her sidekicks. See you never. 

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

sagittarius on your period

You are a unique breed, Sagittarius. Your quick wit and captivating storytelling light up every room you walk into. A good sense of humor is the quickest way to your heart—and into your pants—which is why you’re v into not letting your period get in the way of your sex life. (Lucky for you, things like this exist so it doesn’t have to.) 

In case you’re looking for some new ways to spice it up in the bedroom—which, BTW, we all know you are—I give you kinky truth or dare, this vibrator you can style with your favorite outfit, and this timely face mask you can use to show the world what you’re really thinking about.

Period or not, you’re in constant motion and unable to be slowed down. This is a wonderful quality when applied to things like training for a marathon or tackling med school, but your mind and body deserve a much-needed rest. 

When the cramps hit, don’t feel the need to push through them. Seize the opportunity to catch up on the slower hobbies you used to love—watercolors, maybe? Whatever it may be, let yourself find a level of serenity you haven’t been able to reach in a while. 

This article is informational only and is not offered as medical advice, nor does it substitute for a consultation with your physician. If you have any gynecological/medical concerns or conditions, please consult your physician.

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