There’s no such thing as a normal vagina


“Perfectly symmetrical vaginas do not exist in real life, and just like eyebrows, vaginal lips are more like sisters than twins.”

Your vagina is anything but ordinary.

“Is my vagina normal?” If this sounds like you and you came here looking for vaginal validation, you’ve found it. Your vagina is perfect and we did the research to prove it. I searched out and reviewed 50 vaginas sampled from videos on several porn sites, images in medical journals, and pictures I took while drunk. 

IIt was through this painstaking research that I determined all 50 vaginas I inspected were absolutely perfect. 

Some may have been surgically altered. Some may be the way nature made them from the jump. Some had pillowy, puffy vaginal openings, with inner and outer lips like full rose petals unfurled between thighs. Others had very small vaginal lips, with clitorises displayed prominently like succulent vienna sausages nestled in a teeny little bun. 

Some had generous vaginal lips, perfect for enveloping super sensitive parts in a velvet drapery of soft flesh. The one thing they all had in common was their utter perfection.

What do normal vaginas look like?

Vaginas are not like math equations, and there’s no right answer for how your pubic area should look, but here’s some info from the 50 vaginas we were lucky enough to inspect via the internet that might put some of those nagging insecurities you might have about your vagina in perspective.

Here are the key takeaways:

There really are no two alike. It seems obvious, but all vaginas really do look absolutely different from one person to the next. Whatever you are rocking down under is 100 percent special and specific to you, which is actually insanely amazing. Even women who have undergone cosmetic procedures to change the appearance of their vaginal area still have one-of-a-kind coochies close up.

Clits come in all shapes and sizes. Long, short, lean and fat, every person’s clitoris is different from the next. Some were small buttons perched at the top of the vaginal lips, while others ran the length of the lips with wide clitoral hoods. There’s no way to tell how the size or shape of a clitoris might affect the way it likes to be worked, but you can rest assured your own clitoris, whether small or large and in-charge, is in good company.

Vaginas have found the Rainbow Connection. The lovers, the dreamers and your vagina come in a variety of colors. Pretty much every vaginal area we looked at had more than one shade of color on its different parts, ranging in all variations of browns, creams, pinks, and blacks. It’s like 31 Flavors if they had infinite flavors, and the ice cream was vagina.

Labia size is random. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between anything about a person and the size or shape of their vaginal lips (labia minora or majora). Thin people can have very full vaginal lips, while more full-figured people might have thin vaginal lips, or vice versa. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any correlation between overall weight and the look of the vulva and vagina in general, so if you’re dieting to get a smaller one, or eating to beef it up, don’t bother.

Vaginas change over time. The same vagina can look drastically different depending on several factors, including aging, level of arousal and even time of day or where you are in your menstrual cycle. A lot can change about a vagina, especially after a vigorous sex session

Vaginas are asymmetrical. If you’re worried about your Picaso private parts, don’t be. Perfectly symmetrical vaginas do not exist in real life, and just like eyebrows, vaginal lips are more like sisters than twins. 

The bottom line here is, no matter what your vagina or your vaginal opening looks like (if you haven’t looked, a vaginal self exam is a good idea might be a good idea), it’s absolutely exactly what it’s supposed to look like. Every pubic hair, fold and feature of your vagina is absolutely wondrous, and should be celebrated for the unique marvel it is. 

So the next time you find yourself thinking insecure thoughts about what’s between your thighs, remember your vagina is unique down to its DNA, worth far more than its weight in gold, and is just as beautiful as any rare gem.

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