11 seriously relatable Tweets & TikToks about periods


This is officially our favorite pocket of the internet

You know what makes any day a better one? Period memes. Not to be dramatic, but these menstruation-adjacent Tweets and TikToks are the only things that have been holding me together for the last few months—accompanied maybe by my UberEats deliveries and the glimpses of summer that keep peeking through the clouds. 

BUT I DIGRESS. Here are 11 posts about periods and vaginas you needed in your life like, yesterday (and what they can teach us). 

1. This reminder that menstrual cups = Earth-approved

Bet you’ve never seen a tampon hanging from a tree. Switch to a menstrual cup and have a period that’ll have Mother Nature saying TYSM. 

2. What do pasta and periods have in common?

Answer: Definitely not the salted water. You can clean your cup in plain tap water brought to a boil. Like pasta, though, it’s a good idea to give it a stir every couple of minutes (and don’t walk away from the stove).

3. And Dad of the Year Award goes to…

John Wrench. Watch this sweet video and I guarantee you’ll agree. 

4. Period cravings are real

On that note, can we please petition for takeout orders to stop food shaming by placing 5 forks in the bag? Yes, friend, this order is for me and me only! Thank you, goodbye! 

5. The reason you seriously need to say goodbye to wet (and/or brown…) tampon strings

Enough said. Consider switching to more body-safe period products and donating the excess tampons and pads hiding in the back of your bathroom cabinet. 

6. All in favor of Menstrual Time Off, raise your hand 

In case you’d rather not cash in your sick days for hanging out in the fetal position next to a bottle of ibuprofen all afternoon, switch to Flex Disc™ (64% of users reported fewer cramps when using the discs). 

7. First periods are traumatic

Hopefully, we can make them a little bit less so with modern period care that looks out for your body AND your comfort. 


time to share your embarrassing first period stories to make me feel less mortified about mine 🤑

♬ Oblivion – Grimes

8. Syncing up with the moon is a real MOOD

Watch out world, there is no one more powerful than a person whose period is aligned with the cycle of the moon. 

9. Is it cramps or do I need to go to the ER?

If you’ve ever wondered the above, ^ this Tok is for you. And if you decide to make a serious pitch for menstrual leave to your non-menstruating boss, you now have all the ammunition you’ll ever need. You’re welcome.


Reply to @crusty_toenailclippings period cramps can be as painful as a heart attack #period #menstrualcycle #pain #heartattack

♬ original sound – Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, MD

10. Periods have a mind of their own

Picture this. It’s day seven, but it feels like day 745. You’ve decided your period is over. It’s canceled. You’re done. You’ve broken up and decided to see other people. You reach toward the back of your drawer for your favorite pair of lace undies and slip them on to finally start fresh again. Four hours later, your once-white undies are covered in blood and you’re crying as you add another pair to your cart, reach for a large milk chocolate bar, and call today a bust. 

11. This sweet reminder that periods and the planet go hand in hand

While we don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to have (or not have) a period, this serves as a peaceful reminder that our bodies and periods are natural and beautiful. 

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