Crystals and how they can help with menstruation

Crystals are becoming a mainstream trend thanks to sites like Goop, but crystal healing actually dates back at least 6,000 years ago during the time of ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, and many other cultures.1 Crystal healers were the OG therapists back in the day. 

They held space for the emotional, mental and physical alignment of their patients. Healers believe that certain crystals can be used to treat different ailments, unblock different chakras, and offer protection against negative energy.

Some critics (cough, haters, cough) claim that crystals are only effective because of the placebo effect 2 — the phenomenon that happens when a patient who is given non-reactive medicine achieves healing results simply because the patient believes that they can be healed. Translation: You receive the outcome that you believe can happen. 

Whether you believe in the magic of crystals or not, there’s no harm in trying them. Even if you don’t receive the results that you want, positive thinking amasses little to no losses.

Can crystals help with PMS?

Crystals can be used to prepare for the hormonal shifts of menstruation. The munchies, mood swings, depressive thoughts, gender dysphoria, and fatigue that come with PMS or PMDD can be fought using positive thinking and self-discovery. 

Intention-setting rituals for crystals can help us prepare for all the drama that our periods bring. Crystals can also act as a visual reminder of the intentions and affirmations that you imbue into them.

How to set intentions for your crystals during your period

Below, we’ve listed a few prompts that can help you set intentions when using a specific crystal. Try to answer the prompts in 1-2 sentences – and stick to the first thoughts that pop into your mind. If you get inspired, keep the positive thoughts going by journaling (we have a few journal prompts to try out here, too). 

Let your responses reflect what would happen in a perfect world: Think of the ideal circumstances that could help you have a peaceful period. 

Some examples: 

I trust that things always work out for the best. 

I feel empowered to work through the pain and comfort of self-discovery because learning about myself makes me a better person. 

In a perfect world, every time my period comes around, every man around me acts like Ashton Kutcher in No Strings Attached instead of saying dumb things that make me want to scream.

Write down your responses on a piece of paper, and keep that piece of paper somewhere visible, preferably near your crystals. Even if you don’t have the crystals listed below, the prompts can serve as helpful tools to guide you to positive thinking throughout your period.

Crystals and intention-setting prompts for your period


A fan fave, rose quartz amplifies energies of trust, harmony and unconditional love. The stone also promotes self-love, deep inner healing and nourishing friendships.

Ask: What role does trust play in my life? Do I trust that the universe is sending good things my way? How can I become a more optimistic person?


A deep, rich red that actually looks a little bit like period blood, garnet promotes self-empowerment, gratitude, and service to others. This stone is great for powering through challenging work weeks while you’re on your period.

Ask: What empowers me to speak my mind? Who taught me how to fight for my beliefs, and how can I take their hype-man energy with me everywhere?


This blue stone stabilizes mood swings and creates a direct route from the PMS-riddled brain to peaceful inner calm. Hold turquoise in your hand while meditating, or sleep with the stone under your pillow to ward off stress and irritation.

Ask: What gifts, images, places, people or things remind me of serenity? How do I stay calm in stressful situations?


Moonstone is said to soothe emotional instability, stress, and erratic moods. It enhances intuition while providing calmness. It can also be used to channel the energy of ancestral matriarchs.

Ask: If I could have dinner with my great-great-grandmother, what kind of advice would she give me about my period? How can I stay centered when my emotions are all over the place? 


This clear stone has a yellowish hue that magnifies creative joy, wisdom and warmth. Wear this crystal as a necklace pendant to remind you to bring joy into the days leading up to your period.

Ask: In a perfect world, how do I want people to treat me when I’m on my period? How can I use clear and polite communication to ask for what I need from others?

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This article is informational only and is not offered as medical advice, nor does it substitute for a consultation with your physician. If you have any gynecological/medical concerns or conditions, please consult your physician. 

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