Unleash the A-Spot: Your best-kept secret to A+ arousal

Of all the biggest wonders of the world – The Pyramids, The Great Wall, Bennifer 2.0, the resurgence of low-rise jeans – perhaps the most elusive question mark awaiting its euphoric release from the magic lamp is known to few tenacious trailblazers as the A-spot. Concealed deep inside the anterior fornix, this anatomical epicenter for ecstasy holds enough power to release shockwaves that would rival an arena jam-packed full of the world’s biggest Swifties. 

As an immediate descendant of the A-spot, the accustomed G-spot has taken center stage. An inordinate amount of ink has been poured in the name of the G-spot, monopolizing the likes of Cosmo’s “how-to” column and a hefty percentage of Sex and the City plotlines. What lies beyond is a hidden jewel whose modesty and sensual secrecy are a catalyst to those who dare take the road less traveled. 

Lock and load, valiant explorers – Keep reading for everything you need to know about the A-spot before embarking on a quest so explicit that not even Apple Maps after the latest iOS update can accurately unearth this clandestine haven. Adventure is out there (or in this case, waaaay up in there)!

So what is the A-spot?

Also known as the “anterior fornix erogenous zone,” the A-spot is located along the front vaginal wall, between the cervix and the bladder. It is a small, sensitive patch of tissue that has the potential to ignite intense pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms. Because of its location, it remains relatively unexplored territory for many. Think of it as the hidden gem waiting to be discovered amidst the vast landscape of pleasure zones.

If your corporal coordinates are spinning every which way, we’ll put it in simple terms: Think of this little pleasure patch as the G-spot’s coveted North Star (no, really, it lies about 2 inches above the all-knowing G-spot!). 

Because of its depth, you may have heard the A-spot being referenced as the “deep spot”. According to clinical sexologist and founder of B-Vibe Alicia Sinclair, this hidden gem is also referred to as the “female degenerated prostate” as it neighbors the rectum, which allows for stimulation similar to the male prostate (or male G-spot)… don’t worry, we’ll get to that later! 

A-Spot Location: Here’s how to find it

If you’re already going into an existential panic thinking, “I can barely find the G-spot, so what makes you think I’m mentally prepared for another round of erogenous zone coverage?” take a Chill Pill and maybe a deep breath or two. This is an entirely valid concern as the nature, location, and existence of the G-spot have *technically* not been proven (hey, don’t blame the messenger).

So let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? According to Healthline, the best way to find the A-spot is by curving your fingers upwards in a “come hither” motion and entering the vaginal canal until you feel a “walnut-sized spongy tissue” — that’s the almighty G-spot. 

Next, the article says, “Push up inside the vagina another two or so inches. Then, move your finger in a slight windshield wiper motion instead of the usual in and out.” When this spot is stimulated, the person receiving pleasure should feel a more intensified pressure and sensitivity. 

A-Spot Diagram
A-Spot Location diagram

Due to its deeper nature, the average person’s fingers may not be able to reach the highest point of the vagina. If you do fall short, using a sex toy that is at least 5 inches in length can help with the assist. 

Another way to get to know your body and its erogenous zones is an indirect form of A-spot stimulation, which can be achieved by partaking in anal play (we’ll get into all that later!).

Keep in mind: Just like any anatomical extremity, no two internal clitoral structures are the same, so the exact location may differ from person to person.

We’re so glad you asked… 

Is the A-spot the real deal?

While the uncertainty surrounding many erogenous zones has been met with years of pent-up sexual frustration, you may be thrilled to learn that the A-spot IS the bona fide real deal (happy dance highly encouraged). 

Technically speaking, the A-spot is the back of the clitoris, which extends more internally (like, way up in there). Think of the clitoris like an iceberg, with the tip of the iceberg being the only part visual to the naked eye. It is located deep within the body, just like the deepest part of the iceberg. Capiche?!

Is everyone born with it?

Negative! Cisgender women or people assigned female at birth are the only ones born with an A-spot. There are similarities between the A-spot and the prostate (also referred to as a male’s “G-spot”) when stimulated through the rectum, although these anatomical figures still vastly differ. 

Will I be able to feel it?

In comparison to the coarse “walnut-sized” tissue that makes up the G-spot, the A-spot isn’t quite as distinct. However, once stimulated and pressure is applied, the A-spot may feel spongier or softer to the touch.

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A-Spot orgasms: The ‘wettest’ of them all

Whether you’re opting for a brisk round of foreplay or ready to hit the ground running, be prepared to clear out the guest towel cabinet once you grab a seat in the splash zone. Stroking the A-spot is guaranteed to unlock a new level of female ejaculation, as this area is comprised of sensitive tissue that lubricates when stimulated.

A study conducted in 1997 found that the A-spot increased vaginal lubrication, noting that after 10 to 15 minutes of stimulation, two-thirds of women with chronic dryness or pain during intercourse noted a “significant positive physiological response.” Another 15% of subjects responded to A-spot stimulation with almost immediate orgasm and “copious” lubrication.

Let’s talk squirting

Ahh, the burning question: Does the A-spot cause squirting? In short, it could. However, the jury’s still out on what exactly causes a steady stream of female juices. With that said, the G-Spot is still more commonly associated with vaginal ejaculation.

Hitting the A-Spot: Best sex positions 

Whether you’re on a quest to get to the buried treasure by way of a penis or sex toy, the golden ticket is deeper penetration. The below positions and adjustments can help intensify feelings of pleasure.   

Doggy style with pelvic tilt 

The go-to move for enhanced depth, doggy style rarely misses when done right. This position allows the penetrator plenty of leverage to reach the back of the vagina. The receiving partner can experiment with tilting their pelvis upward for deeper penetration. 

Hot tip: When experimenting with new and more advanced positions, communicating with your partner about what feels good and what doesn’t is always a good idea.

Cowgirl leaning back 

This position gives full control to the vagina-haver, who will straddle the penetrating partner while facing them. The receiving partner can make way for a different angle of deeper penetration by leaning back slightly. This position also allows for clitoral stimulation.

Missionary with hips elevated 

Do yourself a favor, and don’t skimp on missionary! It may not be the “advanced calculus” in this erotic equation, but this classic symmetry laid the groundwork for A-spot exploration. The receiving partner can simply prop a pillow or cushion under the hips to elevate them, creating an entry angle to facilitate deep penetration. This technique can be especially helpful for individuals who have difficulty achieving orgasm through penetration alone. Adding a small vibrator or sex toy can also enhance pleasure and intensity during this position.

Anal sex 

Told you we’re goin’ there! If you’ve ever experienced an orgasm during anal sex, this is likely why. While anal sex is much more indirect stimulation, only a thin layer of tissue separates the vaginal wall and the rectum. During back door play, the penetrator pushes against the rectal wall, which activates the A-spot.

How to maximize A-spot exploration

  • Lube it up: Due to the deep anatomy of the A-spot, using lots of lube (seriously, don’t be shy!) can alleviate friction and help control speed to avoid a powerful hit to the cervix.
  • Explore solo play: While your fingers don’t provide as much length as a toy or a penis, familiarizing yourself with your vagina can help quicken the process. Masturbation using a dildo, vibrator, or other sex toys can also help refine your preferences on depth and speed.
  • Position is key: The best way to get acquainted with the A-spot is by lying on your back with your thighs against your belly. This position helps shorten the vagina to reach the A-spot more easily. From there, insert your pointer finger or toy and get to work! 
  • Stay curious: No further explanation needed. 😉
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A few last words… 

Here’s the thing: A-spot play is not for everyone! It can be an extremely difficult feat due to the nature of its deep-seated location. Try not to feel discouraged if, after multiple attempts, an A-spot orgasm is not yet reached. 

Keep in mind that orgasms are equally as much of a psychological process as a physical process. Maintaining a steady level of comfort and relaxation with your partner (or yourself!) can ease the pressure of feeling like achieving orgasm is the only form of success.  

The most important part of exploring your sexual pleasure is… YOUR pleasure! Stay open-minded, practice safe sex, and don’t be afraid to have a little fun!

This article is informational only and is not offered as medical advice. It is not a substitute for a consultation with your physician. If you have any gynecological/medical concerns or conditions, please consult your physician.

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